Innovation & Economic Comeback

We talk with cutting-edge entrepreneurs from about what may spark the American comeback.

A picture of the applications of wireless electricity technology, from the company WiTricity (Courtesy of Atencio/Globe Staff)

The great American economy was built on vast natural resources and hard, ready-to-go labor. It was also built – and built again and again – on innovation.

From the clipper ship, to the steam engine, to Thomas Edison’s electricity, Bell’s telephone, transistors and computers and the Internet, innovation and entrepreneurs have recharged and expanded the American economy over and over.

So, what about now? The economy’s in a ditch. Will some great innovation pull it out? Some great entrepreneur?  We talk with hot entrepreneurs about who and what may kick-start the U.S. economy.

-Tom Ashbrook


Bill Sahlman, professor of business at Harvard Business School, with a focus on investing in entrepreneurial ventures.

Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, which develops wireless electricity technology.

Donna Dubinsky, co-founder and CEO of Numenta, which is creating a new type of computing technology modeled on the neocortex, the seat of human intelligence.

Andrew Perlman, president of GreatPoint Energy, which converts coal into natural gas and sequesters the carbon dioxide.

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